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DotNetMigrations.Core Project

  • The focus of the Core project is to provide an external assembly that can be used to provide utilities, interfaces, and base classes for extending DotNetMigrations.
  • Interfaces provide the basis for the dependencies in the application. While there are base classes used to simplify the object model and the extensiblity of the application, the underlying contracts and dependencies are at the Inerface level.

Name Purpose
IArgumentRepository Provides the the definition of argument repository objects.
ICommand Provides the definition of command objects.
ILogger Provides the definition of log objects.
ILogRepository Provides the definition of log repository objects.

  • Base Classes are used to provide a base implementation of the Interfaces they inherit as well as abstract away MEF's Export contract so anyone who wishes to create custom logs or commands does not need to reference or even have knowledge of MEF itself. If the developer wishes implement the interfaces directly instead of inheriting from the base classes, they would need to reference the MEF assembly and manually decorate their classes with the appropriate MEF contract.

Name Purpose
Command Base An abstract class that defines the MEF export part contract and establishes basic logic for executing the command.
Logger Base An abstract class that defines teh MEF export part contract and provides base logic for new Logs.

  • The Data section of the project provides a utility class for access database commands and connection strings from the application's configuration section.

Name Purpose
DataAccess Abstracts Connection String and Database connectivity into an easy utility

  • The Provider section is home to the ConfigurableTypeCatalog code. This set of classes is a custom part catalog for MEF that allows users to leverage the power of MEF with the configurability of a traditional provider model. For more information on how to use this custom catalog, please click on the link below:

A Configurable Type Catalog for MEF

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