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DotNetMigrations is an extensible database migration tool that provides a simple way of tracking changes of a database. Originally written as a port from Ruby on Rails; the latest versions of DotNetMigrations has been rewritten to provide a tool that can easily be tailored to fit your project needs thanks to the Managed Extensibility Framework. With this rewrite, a focus was set to ensure that no previous features were lost while providing a way to make future changes and additions to the application in a simple and consistent way.

To complement this ability to extend DotNetMigrations easily, a new CodePlex project has been created called DotNetMigrations-Contrib. There, you'll be able to submit ideas for additional commands and logging methods as well as find components that people have already submitted.

If you are curious to know how to get started on extending the new DotNetMigrations, feel free to follow the links below:

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